QSL Info

If you want a direct QSL send either a SASE, 2017 IRC or green stamps per instructions below

OQRS is no longer available for T33A,
including OQRS bureau requests as of 4/12/14

Check the search feature on our Log page to check for your QSO's in our log.

For QSL questions/concerns please contact W2IJ via standard mail using his address info as listed on QRZ.com.  He continues to respond to those inquiries. The date of the latest upload to Clublog is also listed on the https://www.qrz.com/db/W2IJ page.
Logs were uploaded to Logbook Of The World (LoTW) April 12, 2014.
Instructions for direct QSL requests -

Please be advised that on January 1, 2014 US postal rates are going up. If a QSL is to be sent in 2013, keep in mind the T33A QSLs will not be sent out during 2013. Please check prior to forwarding your direct QSL cards and adjust your return postage as required for these new rates.   Use "forever" stamps since cost when purchased does not impact when they are used (not a fixed value).


A.    OUTSIDE US: Must contain (1) self addressed envelope (SAE) with  $2USD, a valid IRC or a US international  postage GLOBAL Forever Stamp  - current cost for this stamp $1.15USD in 2014. In 2014 Canada and Mexico will be required to use the same international rates as all other countries. Donations are appreciated.

B.    For US, (1) an SAE with sufficient postage included or (2) a self addressed stamped envelope with a US domestic forever type stamp, current cost for this "within US postage" stamp is 49 cents.  Donations are appreciated.

C.    Please place your call sign on the rear of the return envelope (back of envelope or on the rear envelope flap).

D.    If there is no return envelope with any QSL received or there is insufficient postage based on the new US postal 2014 rates, the QSL will be answered via the bureau.

E.    Use the most recent and currently valid IRC's bearing the Dec. 31, 2017 expiration date and make sure the left side of the IRC is stamped. If the IRC is not stamped on the left side, the IRC cannot be exchanged for the equivalent air mail stamp and your QSL will be answered via the bureau. As noted above, for outside the US, an alternate approach is to include the newly introduced US GLOBAL Forever stamp.


         Send your QSL card to: Jay Kobelin (W2IJ/T33A),
5725 Viejo Drive
Bee Cave, TX  78738

QSLs will also be available direct by the Bureau.