May 2011

May 4 - All of the team are safe in Apia, and the last of the operators have had to reschedule flights out of Samoa and will be leaving today after about 2000Z for their home QTHs.

May 2 @ 0010Z - The team is 20 hours out from Apia, Samoa. All are well and no injuries during the entire trip. There was one log Master update AFTER they left Kanton, so some call signs were added to the original log of 1700Z April 27th and several hours later. So, the reboot of the Master log data was helpful. NO logs were changed based on any complaints of "not in log". Those will be done, if any, LATER when the QSL manager has returned and has time to search for any operator errors. This was put in the news on April 23 and 27th. NO log changes are being done at this time. If in doubt about a particular QSO, put your information in a brief note when you send your QSLs to W2IJ. Thanks again for your support. The donor list will be updated when N6HC returns. 73 de K5YY.

May 1 - The boat is experiencing very heavy seas on the way back to Samoa but making good time. Too rough to erect antennas, so NO maritime mobile (/mm) operation planned at this time. Should arrive in Apia, Samoa Monday morning.

April 2011

April 27 @ 1830Z - The T31A will stop operation at 1900Z. HOWEVER, some of the operators will be on different bands using THEIR OWN T31 callsigns. When you hear T31 - - , it will be the individual operators using their calls as a courtesy to the team members. This will happen for a short time on different HF bands as slowly the equipment and antennas will be packed up for the boat loading during daylight hours. The boat will leave at DARKNESS T31A time, about 0500Z. So, ONLY T31A until 1900Z , then individual call signs. Have fun!! Good luck to the team on their 4 day boat trip back to Samoa and then home. Thanks to Eddie and Roberto for helping me keep the news up-to-date as much as possible on the website. Thanks to the DXers who have been understanding about all our problems during the trip. QSLs and any log corrections only via W2IJ after the trip.

April 26 - After 3 years of silence, 2 team members of the T31A team who received training on the Tsunami Warning System in New Mexico successfully repaired the Tsunami Warning System on Kanton and confirmed via satellite telephone with the USGS that good data was being received at the Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory. Our team is very proud to return the Kanton Tsunami station to its functional mode so it can continue to provide information and protection to the people in the region.

April 26 @ 0320Z - The log malfunction seems to have been corrected. Now there are 21,666 QSOs, and CW contacts are there! If your contact is not in the log for a QSO before the April 25th 1921Z posting, please rework us.

April 26 @ 0200Z The team is well aware of most CW QSOs not being uploaded correctly in the last log upload about 6 hours ago, and others that were there yesterday are now missing. The noted QSO totals were about the same total as on April 23 at 1900Z. Therefore it is obvious that QSOs are missing in the recent update. I spoke with the 24mc operator, and the team co-leader was at the RTTY station next to him and is aware of the faulty uploaded logs. Be assured the fault will be corrected. RTTY is up and running on 20 meters and some 160m QSOs were made yesterday at the 1200Z - 1500Z timeframe with many stations worked.

April 25 @ 1745Z - Talked to the 17m SSB op N1EMC with update information. RTTY will probably be starting tomorrow, Tuesday Z. Also, 6 meters has a beacon running and there IS an operator nearby in case any answers. Lastly, operator N1EMC will be capturing the log data and uploading to the website at about 2200Z, very doubtful before that due to local problems. So watch for log update later today. This will answer the RTTY, 6m and log inquiries. The team is doing the best they can with lack of sleep, weather problems and other related antenna repairs.

April 25 @ 0300Z - It has been confirmed that the boat captain is using the 5W0 Samoa calendar day ( east of dateline) as the day of departure since that is where they departed from and going back to. Therefore, the Wednesday evening departure from T31A is actually THURSDAY GMT date. If the boat departs at 6-7 PM on Wednesday evening from T31A, that will be approximately 0500 - 0600Z Thursday. So there will be 3+ more days of operation. The weather is improved some from the bad weather of two days ago that did some damage to the radio operating positions. Unknown if RTTY or 6m will be attempted due to time constraints from all the unexpected delays. Check for news updates and watch DX Summit for spotting. Thank you for being understanding that the team is operating under adverse conditions! Northern Europe's narrow propagation window is being considered, knowing that signals are weak AND the SSN /Flux are down considerably.

April 24 Team leaving Wednesday night, no extra days :-(. LOT of bad weather last night there and roof collapsed causing equipment damage from rain coming through the roof. All antennas needed repair.

April 23 @ 2130Z On-line logs are NOW up! If you do not find your call for a QSO before 1700Z, then rework us. Any errors in uploading or mistakes in logging will have to be addressed after the DXpedition by comparing the log data and possible errors. NO corrections will be made during the trip. All attempts are being made to try and work the areas of the world with the shortest window and possibly weakest signals, despite other areas coming in that might be stronger at the same timeframe. Please understand DXpedition attempts to work as many who need T31 for a new country overall and secondarily those who need band countries. We plan on leaving on the published departure date. We are doing our best under difficult circumstances.

April 23 @ 2000Z - The team is trying to put up other antennas under difficult conditions and limited team members to assist since others are trying to operate at least two bands at all times. They had an administrative function to attend today for a short time. The team is aware of propagation differences and sometimes calling JA only or EU only and other areas are standing by. The team will try to be fair to all areas that have propagation, working one for a short time then another. Some propagation to east coast USA and north Europe is difficult. It is up to the individual operator and team meetings on how to help serve all areas of the world. Keep watching spots, listen on the bands, and be faithful to the usual DXing process of knowing how, when and where to call in the pileup. Logs will be up when the unreliable satellite system can accept the signals and then download to the website. Things are unreliable on T31A. The 10 members are doing the best they can under the difficult conditions on Kanton.

April 22 - The first T31A operation began approximately 0001Z on 21 SSB with another station planned on upper bands shortly. Some unexpected problems but more stations should be on later in the day. If all goes well, T31A will be on with at least 5 stations by the April 23. Sunset in T31 is 0530Z and no new stations/antennas will be put up during night hours for safety reasons. Team members are well aware of propagation to difficult areas of the world, including Northern Europe.

April 21 - The team arrived at sunset T31 time (about 0500Z ), and since sunrise is not until 1830Z and the team is VERY tired, it is hoped all necessary equipment, antennas, tents, generators etc can be done as quickly as possible during daylight hours. There are meetings with local officials and much to do for all team members. Expect one station operational by perhaps as early at 2000-2200. Keep in mind, to this point at 1730Z, it is total darkness at T31 until 1830Z.

April 19 - Any operation from T31A the past two days is a pirate. The team is not to arrive until very late tonight and can not possibly be on until Wednesday at the earliest. Please ONLY use official "news" on our T31A website as true information. We pilots will update the web as we get valid information from the team. Thanks for understanding.

April 18 #2 - Word from N6HC/mm is that ETA is Wednesday and all going OK on the boat.

April 18 - Based on leaving 5W at approximately 0500Z on April 16th, it is expected that the team will arrive in about 4 days, April 19th, late in the evening local T31 time. After the first 1-2 stations are set up the following day, it is expected that the first operation will begin the afternoon of April 20th (about 0500Z April 21st). All depends on a normal sailing time of 4 full days to Kanton Island. The boat delay in sailing from 5W was NOT the fault of the T31A team in any way. The team will put forth the best effort possible during the T31A operation.

April 16 @ 16:00 - Boat is in early today Friday morning. Loading equipoment off boat now and will load our equipment today. Expect to leave Apia before 6PM today.

April 16 @ 15:35 - BOAT JUST LEFT MARINA.

April 13 The boat chartered for sailing to Kanton is delayed and will not arrive in Apia until late the 14th or early 15th, so the departure is delayed until maybe as late as the 16th. The boat captain arrived in Apia by plane. All operators are anxious about the delay as to how it may affect the T31A total operating days and also return flights to home QTHs beginning on May 2nd. Standby for updates.

April 12 - Last evening 7 more operators arrived Apia, Samoa, and the last two team members are expected to arrive on today's flights. The boat captain and the Kiribati official are here, and we fully expect to depart on schedule tomorrow, April 13th. If all goes well at sea we should be operational by Monday, April 18th as planned.

April 7 Some team members are in Apia now and have cleared all 11 pallets of equipment through customs without problems. N7CQQ and W2IJ been on the air as 5W0QQ and 5W0JK and are testing propagation patterns. The other team members will arrive over next few days, and plans are still to leave Apia on April 13th.

Three team members will arrive in Apia on April 6, 2011 to inspect the equipment shipped from California and operate from 5W as time allows. The team will leave Apia on April 13, 2011 and sail approximately 4 days. Upon arrival at Kanton, we'll set up 2 sites and begin operation. We plan 11-12 days of operation. We'll depart Kanton and arrive back in Apia on May 2, 2011

March 2011

We delivered 6,981 pounds of equipment to the shipping company near Long Beach, California on March 1st. We have 11 pallets of equipment being prepped for the sailing date of March 12th . The shipment should arrive in Apia, Samoa around March 26th. The T31A team will be assisting the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) with the repair of the remote, solar powered, satellite Tsunami warning system located on Kanton Island which is officially known as the IRIS/USGS Seismic Station KNTN (Kanton). Two team members travel to USGS lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico for two days training. With parts and documentation to be supplied by the USGS, our team hopes to successfully repair and test the Tsunami warning system on Kanton.

February 2011

We are finalizing the manifest and shipping arrangements. All equipment to be moved from the QTH of N7CQQ to the port near Los Angeles for shipment to Apia. The team has received permission to operate on 60M. The testing of an on line log is underway.

January 2011

Local team members met at the QTH of N7CQQ to install one of each type antenna that will be going to Kanton. First to go up was the 160m vertical. The antenna, with raised radials went up easy and was used in the 160m contest. This setup tested the antenna, our software and the interconnecting boxes/cables we made for the ICOM 7600, the WinKeyer and our laptops. All worked fine. The following day we successfully erected one SVDA and also a 2 element vertical to verify installation. All 17 antennas are boxed and ready to go.

December 2010

We receive PIPA permit on 12/18

November 2010

The PIPA committee approves our permit on 11/23. We await hard copy of the permit before pressing on. We receive approval of NCDXF support. The Ukrainian DXpeditioners Team becomes a sponsor.

October 2010

The Telecommunication Authority of Kiribata (TAK) has notified the group that all call signs have been assigned to the team members. TAK has requested our applications so the licenses can be processed. The permit to enter the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA) application in process. We are notified that one government official from Kiribati will be with us on the expedition. It may be one of the officials from the T32 IOTA operation earlier this year.

On October 20, the PIPA management team of Kiribati approves in principle our permit. We await a second meeting of the PIPA management team to review our application for final approval.

September 2010

The core team from the Jarvis effort sets T31 as their next DXCC entity. During the month we obtain transportation and establish communications with the TAK for the licenses. . We have added 4 additional operators to the Jarvis core now renamed the Kanton Team.

ICOM approves the expedition and commits radios for the trip.