Barcelona - Spain
The European Pilot
Name: Eddie Stark
Profession: Businessman
Licensed since: 1982
Prior DXpeditions/Other calls: FOØAAA, SØ7NY, SØRASD, EA3MM, EA9URP, EA6URP, EA9AM, EA8ZS, FG5BG, FS5PL, FØ/EA3NY, S567F, CT3BX, EA3NY/KP4, S567, F/EA3NY and C31LD.
Club Memberships: Bordeaux Dx Club, Clipperton Dx Group, URE.
Bio: I am 44 years old and live with my wife Monica close to Barcelona. My second surname is Chatellier, which is French. My grandfather was a telecomunications technician at ITT. Close friend of Sosthenes Behn (ITT owner) helped found and create the CTNE, what is now Spain's "Telefónica" in 1924. I never knew my grandpa, but I suppose I am in of radio because it was in his blood and was passed on to me. I always enjoyed with contests, 1º CQWPX SSB (EA9AM), 2º ARRL DX SSB (FS5PL) and other nice results, all on SingleOperator All Bands.