Nevada - USA
Name: John Kennon
Profession: John was retired until being "asked" to return to duties as Deputy Sheriff/bailiff at Laughlin, Searchlight and Good springs Justice courts where he retired, sort of, in 2009. John is now working on a ham radio site in Northern Arizona and has relocated there from Nevada.
Licensed since: 1970
Prior DXpeditions/Other calls: FOØCI, 1992 first to activate Clipperton on the WARC bands. TI/N7CQQ, FOØKEO Bora Bora, FOØAAA Expedition of the year 2000 a return trip to Clipperton and got WAS from Clipperton, D68C, XRØX, 6Y5/N7CQQ 2002, VP2MQQ, 3B9C, K7C Kure with a visit to Midway in 2005, TX5C the final return trip to Clipperton 2008 then a trip back to Midway K4M in 2009.
Club Memberships: Bordeaux Dx Club, Area 51 DX Club (they are hard to find), INDEXA and Northern California DX Foundation, Five Star DX Club, Chiltern DX Club, American Radio Relay League and Strange Radio Team of Italy.
Bio: Laughlin, Nevada aging daily, currently 63. John was first licensed in 1970 and needs plenty to achieve (30-40) Honor Roll so listen for his call!!! He has P5 on SSB. John traveled to the Clipperton DX annual meeting, September 2010, where he accepted the DX expedition of the year, from the Clipperton DX Club for the K4M team. He is QSL manager for : FO0AAA, XR0X San Felix, Chile, USA manager for 4O3T, and TX5C Clipperton 2008. Member of Southern California DX Club, Clipperton DX Club, Central Arizona DX Club, Club (CW & SSB), WAC, WPX and VUCC. I have been a guest speaker at many clubs around the country. I have volunteered to provide communications for many community activities in the Southern California area.