California - USA
Name: Jay Kobelin
Profession: Retired Electrical Engineer
Licensed since: 1959
Prior DXpeditions/Other calls: I have been on two unique DXpeditions: My first operation was the 2nd operation to Kingman Reef (WA2FIJ/KH5K, 1980 and Palmyra, WA2FIJ/KH5). In 1992 my 2nd expedition was part of the team that "stormed" Clipperton (FO0CI) setting an all time record from this spot (at that time) making approximately 48,000 Qs.
Club Memberships: Was a member of the SCDXC during the 1990's but job relocation made it impossible to attend meetings. I am a member of the ARRL
Bio: I'm 64 years old and have been married 37 years with 2 children (30 and 33 years old). I was licensed in 1959 as WV2FIJ (NOVICE), WA2FIJ, VK6AP and now W2IJ. My original station was comprised of home-brew equipment and relics from WWII as I like to dabble in electronics. I am a retired electrical engineer forever brainstorming for the next "mousetrap" with schematic software, circuit board designs and 3D software. During retirement I have fun turning these ideas into inventions, both mechanical and electrical. I have had my LM354HD tower in the backyard since 1996. The HF station consists of a TS950S and an Alpha (ETO) PA77. The antennas are 2 multiband yagis: (a) C31 (30/20/15/10 and (b) a A3WS (12/17/30). For 40 there is a 40 meter rotatable dipole. On 80/75 a bazooka is configured into an inverted vee. After more than 50 years of chasing DX, I finally "got them all" and got #1 DXCC Honor Roll. My prime interest is DXing ever since my first DX contact at 5WPM on 40 meters, XTAL controlled, 50 watts, longwire and using a receiver with bandspread to tune off the XTAL frequency in 1959 to work PY7CY who retuned my CQ. I'll never forget it and neither will my parents as I screamed out loud realizing what had just happened at 2AM that morning.